“O&S specializes in building restoration. We can help you to correct existing deficiencies, resolve safety or Code issues, adapt or upgrade your structure for a new use, improve the reliability and durability of your building systems, or restore historical and Landmark structures to their original condition.”



“Our licensed engineers are experts in the design of structural steel and reinforced concrete. We utilize the latest structural analysis and modeling technology to ensure the efficiency and robustness of our designs.”



“Our architects will guide you through the entire design process from conceptual design to the development of construction drawings to closing out the construction work. We have extensive experience with zoning requirements, ADA compliance, building code compliance, and planning board and permitting approvals.”



“O&S is a recognized expert in the field of parking design and consulting. Our services include parking studies, planning, and the design and restoration of structured parking.”


Exterior Envelope

“Our team of engineers and architects can help you identify and resolve weather-tightness and energy efficiency issues related to your building’s façade, roof, and glazing. We have extensive experience in the assessment and design of all exterior envelope systems. We also perform Façade Law filings for New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Columbus, and many other cities.”


“Our mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) division can help improve your building’s operations by increasing the efficiency and reliability of your MEP systems.”



“We help our clients plan for future expenditures by producing reliable studies and reports. We are able to conduct invasive testing and non-destructive testing for facilities condition assessments, façade and roof assessments, due diligence studies, and filings that are mandated by your State or Municipality.”



“Our certified energy auditors and designers can help you save money and reduce your building’s environmental footprint by identifying inefficiencies in your building’s energy usage. We can also perform mandated filings such as NYC Local Law 87. Our team can design and implement energy solutions such as LED lighting, solar panels, wind turbines, and co-generation.”